Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law
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Han Liu
Two Faces of Self-determination in Political Divorce
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Notes & Essays
Laith K Nasrawin
Towards the Establishment of an International Constitutional Court
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Seung Ju Bang
Constitutionality of the Agreement between the Foreign Affairs Ministers
of the Republic of Korea and Japan on the Issue
of ‘Comfort Women’ on 28 December 2015
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Eszter Bodnár
All Voters are Equal but...
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Constitutional Developments in Austria
Anna Volgger
Special Topic: Establishment and Unconstitutionality
of Political Parties
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Constitutional Developments in CEE
Simona-Maya Teodoroiu & Marieta Safta
Special Topic: Procedural Rules and Practices Grounding the Decisions of the
Constitutional Court of Romania
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Vakhtang Menabde
Georgian Constitutional Court: The System of Legal Capacity of Natural Persons
and its Impact upon the Georgian Legislation
Judgment of 8 October 2014, no 2/4/532, 533
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